Darragh Mahoney


  • Ireland


My name is Darragh Mahoney and I am a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, as well as a Play Therapist.

I have been working with children, teenagers, their families and adults since 2010. I have experience in supporting people with developmental, complex and acute trauma, as well as anxiety, depression, work related stress and relationship issues.

Outside of this, I have a huge love for sport and have spent a lot of my life playing hurling, gaelic football and soccer. Since retiring, I have spent a number of years coaching at adult (male and female) and underage level within the GAA.

Within my psychotherapy practice, helping the people I work with ground themselves in their breath is necessary in order to explore events in their lives that are causing distress. Within a sporting context, helping people I coach find moments during training’s and matches to ground themselves with their breath, in order to reach their full potential on the field, is vital.

Giving both of these groups of people the education around oxygen advantage is the key to unlocking their true potential and something I truly enjoy.

I am based in West Cork and am available to work both online and in person with people who need assistance with their functional breathing for sporting or general wellbeing needs.

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