Darren Fitzharris


  • Australia



Originally from Ireland. Moved to Sydney Australia in 2006. In 2008 I attained my Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness.

I have also worked in the Disability sector as a support worker, team leader and ran gym and group training sessions.

This led me to design my Therapy Through Movement program for clients with Intellectual disabilities/disabilities, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Mental health and Brain injuries.
Focusing on restoring function throughout the body, improving motor/tactile skills, hand to eye coordination, balance, agility, stability, decreasing sensory overload and decreasing behaviours.

All of my clients that I see throughout the day breath through their mouth (mouth breathers) and do not know how to self regulate, which can often lead to hyperventilating durning a behaviour or if they feel stressed, anxious or frustrated. I have added in some breath work exercises to keep them calm, relaxed, and to teach them and their parents/carers  to self regulate through breath work.

Having been a mouth breather at night and throughout the day due to an on going blocked nose I started to research nasal breathing and came across a few books on the subject as well Oxygen Advantage. I was fascinated by the content and I started to use some of the techniques in the book. I use mouth tape at night and this helps me to sleep through the night and prevents me having a dried mouth in the morning. I also tape my mouth while training in my gym.

I have 3 kids. My son has asthma (I am working on breathing and breath hold exercises to help ease his symptoms), one of my daughters is a mouth breather at night and snores a lot (this has decreased since she started using mouth tape at night) and my other daughter has a blocked nose during the night and morning.

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