Darren Roche


  • Ireland


Darren is a multi-instrumentalist from Fanlehane in West Limerick. He studied Music and Dance at the University of Limerick and is rooted firmly in Irish culture and tradition. Darren has toured extensively with his current band Moxie to countries such as Canada, USA, France, Spain, Vietnam and Australia to name a few. He has also toured with Irish dance shows around Europe and he is known as a powerhouse accordion player.

Being a certified Yoga teacher and an Oxygen Advantage® instructor, Darren is interested in working with people who perform on stage such as actors, musicians, singers and dancers who experience pre & post performance anxiety, just like he did over the years. He has a big interest in sports, which also involves pre-match anxiety and poor sleeping patterns. He wants to help people become more aware of their daily breathing habits to improve quality of life and help those suffering with anxiety, asthma, sleep apnea and poor concentration. (anyone who breathes basically!!)

After applying the Oxygen Advantage® programme to his daily life, he has felt major improvements in his performances and over all well-being.
Darren is aware of the importance of functional breathing to maintain focus and concentration, avoid distractions and have a good nights sleep. Having being unaware of his breathing patterns for many years during stage and sports performances, Darren is ready to pass on his knowledge immediately to those who want to bring their game to the next level.

Based in Dublin/Limerick

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