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I am a UK Athletics licensed running coach and endurance runner, based in West Berkshire, UK. I coach groups and individuals in person and online.

Just after the turn of the century (I’m older than I look), whilst working in a high-pressure corporate job I experienced burnout and depression. That experience led me to tai chi, qigong and mindfulness. It was these practices that sparked my interest in the power of the breath. That interest was deepened in 2017 when I was diagnosed with “exercise induced asthma” – due to five decades of mouth breathing whilst running.

During my research into how to improve my asthma I read the Oxygen Advantage and started to experiment with the exercises in the book. I also emailed the author (Patrick McKeown) to ask for clarification and advice. He recommended I use a nasal dilator for running as I had a mangled schnoz (my nose was broken when I was a child resulting in a deviated septum). That advice was a game changer! It wasn’t long before my asthma symptoms reduced dramatically, and the last time I had to use an inhaler was in 2019.

My coaching methodology now incorporates what I’ve learned and applied from the oxygen advantage as well as mindfulness, tai chi and qigong. I also try and inject a bit of humour into my sessions to make things fun and interesting for my clients. I believe that a bit of laughter helps people remember what I teach as well as making a session more enjoyable. Besides, life’s too short and nobody gets out alive anyway.

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