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Dave is a qualified and practising Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Altitude Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ice Bath Coach and Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor. Having coached 100’s of group and personal coaching sessions in the past 10 years, integrating the Oxygen Advantage has been a game changer! The breath underpins all the coaching modalities that David offers.

David has coached many athletes, trekkers, avid gym goers, weekend warriors and people just wanting to better themselves in the Northern Beaches first Altitude gym, Altitude – The Height of Fitness. David is well aware of the benefits of Altitude training and hypoxic environments and now with the protocols of Oxygen Advantage anyone can now train at “Altitude” for optimal human performance. Currently working out of a gym on the Northern Beaches, David coaches a specific class with the focus based on nasal breathing during all exercise. 

David’s passion with the breath stems from having had Asthma all his life until just recently, where due to specific breathing techniques and mindset practices, David no longer has any symptoms of Asthma during exercise or in cold environments. Also Diagnosed with Chronic Depression 8 years ago and on the brink, David is now thriving as daily practices of Breathwork, meditation and Exercise Therapy have now become the norm to quieten the mind, strengthen the body and to be free of prescribed medications.

David’s purpose and drive is to educate people how to empower themselves, to take their power back and to be in control of their lives and it all starts with the breath. Control your breath, control your life!

Whether you are a Corporate, a sporting team or an individual looking to be better, David has the solutions to provide Optimal Human Performance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or require any further information.

David Pemberton
The Breathing Coach
Optimal Human Performance

“Empowering lives one breath at a time”

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