David RIha
Czech Republic, United Kingdom


  • Czech Republic
  • United Kingdom


David is a multi-disciplinary oriented researcher and lecturer with interest in unifying the fields of breathing, nutrition and movement. He started from young age playing tennis, picked up a bass guitar and continued experimenting and analysing different traditional and modern methods to connect body and mind for health. He also involved himself in the biohacking field, trying various different supplements and technologies.

His journey with breathing started with traditional yogic meditation techniques and chinese energetic breathing exercise Qi-gong. He has few years experience with Wim Hof hyperventilating techniques. However, since finding the powerful benefits of Oxygen Advantage, he decided to share these with his clients as a main breath pillar of his project Life Method.

In Life Method he offers personal lessons, workshops, ongoing small group lessons and breathing techniques combined with other modalities to provide truly holistic service. It is important to connect science with traditional spiritual explanations, so that is the approach he tries to provide to people wanting to dive deeper into the world of breathing. 🙂

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