David Tedds
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom

My background is in construction where I worked as a carpenter for 30 years.

With a foundation of unhealthy lifestyle choices and spending hours practising martial arts then CrossFit® to help me keep fit, I was unknowingly creating unpredictable injuries which eventually caused chronic injury and illness.

A need for change lead me to bodyweight movement practises and taught me about how repetitive my movements had become in both my work and activities, and in particular how restricted my body had become.

This then sparked a huge learning journey and the next 6 years I became certified in personal training, Animal Flow, Primal Health Coaching, Functional Range Conditioning® and Assessment and Kinstretch®, to further develop my understanding in how to optimise health and movement.

Having had some experiences with various breath work trainings and practises, I never really understood and appreciated the full concept of breathing. Taking the Oxygen Advantage® certification and bringing it into my own life has taught me about recovery and how unbalanced my nervous system was.

Working deeply with my own experience and my work with clients I have learnt that meeting each person and their situation with authenticity helps them to relax and focus on their health outcomes.

I am very blessed to share my life with my wife and 3 children, where we have started a home education journey and learning how to grow our own food.

I’m based in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, UK where I have a small private studio, working with adults face to face and online, with 1-2-1 and groups.

I invite you to contact me to find out how we might best work together.

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