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David W. Grantham – GLEN GARDNER, NJ

My profession is an Airline Pilot for United Airlines, however I am also a certified coach instructor of YMAA and in my spare time I teach Shaolin Gongfu, Tai Chi, and Qigong classes at the Hunterdon Wellness Center, Clinton, New Jersey. I have written two books with Master Yang, Jwing-Ming; Tai Chi Ball Qigong and Tai Chi Pushing Hands. Additionally, I have sports and conditioning, speed and agility certifications through the IYCA organization as well as speed and agility certification through NSPA. Most recently I have achieved FMS1 and YBR certifications in the FMS system.  

I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn about O.A. through reading Mr. McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage, become certified as an instructor and incorporate his methods with our Qigong training.

I love to work with all kinds of people however I am beginning to focus more on the high school/ youth sports individuals and applying these breathing methods to their training. I feel todays youth need this education in their training to adapt to their environment when playing sports. My goal is to continue to educate myself and incorporate the O. A. breathing methods with those individuals whose wish to bring their training to deeper levels.

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