David Welek
United States of America


  • United States of America


David has been a professional fitness trainer over twenty years and intensely studying, applying and/or teaching yoga and martial arts for over a combined 40 years. He incorporates the education and experience he has received into all modes of training whether the client is trying to improve health and fitness, overall body composition, sports specific training, etc. the philosophy, discipline, and coordination are always the motive whatever the physical endeavor. He is adept in working with all age groups and athletic levels.

Upon integrating the Oxygen Advantage into personal practice and now instruction, David has uncovered yet another secret weapon in performance and longevity, the breath. The techniques derived from this system will profoundly enhance everything you do. As Patrick McEwen says, we spend so much time studying an athletes training, nutrition, hydration, etc. but the one thing you cannot even survive without for a few minutes is your breath, yet, so little attention is given to breathing for the typical athlete’s program.

The benefits from the Oxygen Advantage are hardly relegated to the athlete exclusively, this is for EVERYONE, and David is prepared to assess and coach your breathing to new, unexplored dimensions of wellness.

He is currently based in Dallas, Texas and is prepared to teach individuals and groups in person or online.

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