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‘For most of my life I suffered from Anxiety, but never realised. I could never explain the feelings I had until one day I took part in a Breathwork seminar, from that point I was hooked!’

Breathing dysfunction can have negative effects on how you feel, move, and perform. And as a strength and conditioning coach Dean saw this time and time again with athletes.

After attending a breathwork seminar and learning of Patrick McKeown’s work, Dean was hooked by the power of the breath. Soon after he became an Advanced Oxygen Advantage coach, applying the techniques to his everyday life and training and then to his clients. 

Because we breathe continuously 24 hours a day, the changes and training possibilities are endless. Breathwork and in particular the Oxygen Advantage is the single most powerful and freely available tool he’s found to achieve optimal health and performance and he’s excited to tell everyone about it!

Dean’s background is in martial arts and trail running, and has enjoyed applying the oxygen Advantage techniques to many athletes in MMA, Jiu-jitsu, boxing, running and many team sports, as well as corporate team building and breathwork seminars.

Dean is also a qualified Buteyko instructor. As he has suffered from anxiety himself, he has found these techniques to be life changing and wants to help others suffering from anxiety, asthma, sleep apnea and snoring make those positive changes to their lives as well.

I coach 1-to-1 in person, 1-to-1 online, and in larger groups with those in Bristol/Bath and the UK and around the world.

Please call or email Dean on the details listed for a free no obligation consultation.

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