Deb Sarah


  • Australia



Deb Sarah is Mind-Body Therapist specialising in women’s and corporate health.

Deb empowers her clients to create an authentic and healthful life with small manageable steps that can drastically improve their physical, mental and spiritual health. She works with clients in areas such as disordered eating, period imbalances, optimising performance and burnout prevention.

After breaking her back leading to chronic pain and suffering from painful periods, Deb spent years searching for a natural evidence-based method to help her regain resilience and strength.

Breathwork and the Oxygen Advantage method, has helped her and her clients take back control over their lives. By helping to reduce anxiety, decrease pain, sit with discomfort and create more joy in their lives.

Deb uses evidenced-based tools including and not limited to:

  • breathwork,
  • mindset coaching,
  • strength training,
  • boxing,
  • yoga,
  • and cold exposure.

This diverse toolkit enables her to create individualised and holistic tailored plans for each client. The aim to build a healthy mind-body relationship and focus on creating the tools for long term sustainable change.

Sessions are available online via Zoom or in-person in Sydney.



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