Derek Clark
United States of America


  • United States of America


Derek Clark is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he works as a Licensed Athletic Trainer, Master Sports Performance Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Certified Oxygen Advantage Instructor.

His vast experience includes working 9 years in Division 1 collegiate athletics and 13 years in secondary school athletics as well as working in a private setting with individual clientele.
Derek’s interest in breathing mechanics began when he was introduced to Ron Hruska and the Postural Restoration Institute where he learned the power of the diaphragm and its profound effect on the functionality of all body systems.

He discovered Oxygen Advantage while researching new and effective methods for improving athletic performance and recovery, and addressing various breathing dysfunctions that he was seeing in his clientele.

Derek has integrated the Oxygen Advantage methods into his professional treatment model, which includes bodywork, corrective exercise, and nutritional education, to provide his athletes and clients an all-encompassing program designed to improve overall functional capacity and efficiency. He has found that by incorporating Oxygen Advantage, he enables his clientele to perform at their highest level, as well as to enjoy life to the fullest.

Derek enjoys working with athletes and clients of all ages and ability levels who wish to pursue a positive change in their lives through improved respiration and movement.

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