Diane Niec


  • Canada


Since I was very young, I have been curious about movement and breath.  As a child it would be common for my siblings and I to return home from school and observe my father training his buddies in our outdoor garage gym. “Inhale, brace, lift, exhale”.  Little did I know it at the time, but I was being introduced to breathwork!

Following my father’s example, I have studied and explored many different styles of movement and made commitment to daily exercise a priority. Attending University for Musical Theatre I continued to study movement and breath and it was there that I was introduced to my first love, Pilates.

Since then, my passion for growth has led me to explore many different modalities such as Yoga, Thai Boxing, Thai Massage, Strength Training and Meditation. Over the years I have worked in theatre as a performer and movement coach, taught primary school where I developed yoga and meditation classes for students and taught Pilates privately and in small groups for over 25 years.

The breath has been the constant throughout and I am so thrilled to have discovered the Oxygen Advantage Program! My lively personality and youthful spirit have drawn me to connect with younger children. Moving forward I would like to work with youth and help them gain confidence, manage their stress and anxiety and help them breathe through their noses!

YouTube: Today’s Pilates with Diane

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