Diederik Veerman


  • Netherlands
I’m fascinated by the restorative power of nature. Being outdoors helps you to become more relaxed, creative and resilient. With PULLKA, a new outdoor workout I founded in 2018, I take people into nature. There, far away from mobile phones and deadlines, I challenge my clients physically in a unique way and help them to recharge mental energy levels. By implementing the Oxygen Advantage®, I’ve been able to lift these sessions really to the next level. Besides challenging outdoorsy and sports people my company PULLKA offers growth programs for the corporate world. With keynotes, in-company masterclasses and outdoor sessions my goal is to reframe their mindset. Not by talking, not by showing, but by offering multisensory experiences. I want people become aware of the incredible gains of true connection with the natural world around us and ourselves. Real connection, no matter how small, can enrich us as individuals, allowing us to see every living thing – including our own body and mind – in its own intricate network. In this exciting and revitalising exploration, breathing light, slow and deep is fundamental.
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