Dilek Incoglu
United States of America


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After 17 years in corporate America, I decided to follow my heart to help others to feel better physically and emotionally.

Guiding my yoga students through functional movement and breathing, create awareness and presence during the practice are main blocks of my classes. These combinations help to strengthen the body and mind, and eventually help to transfer these habits to the rest of our lives.

My starting point was how I felt distracted, dizzy, hurt, felt breathless or bored at times during my yoga classes. But after understanding the deep teachings behind yoga discipline and breathing, I noticed that yoga is what I needed to improve my physical strength, improve presence, concentration, and create space to connect my core values and intentions.

Guiding the poses with proper queues, breathing and explaining the benefits of poses for our wellbeing makes me and my students motivated and develops foundation. I like to bring elements of pilates, some physical therapy exercises to my classes to develop core strength, balance, mobility and release stiffness in the body.  My classes will complement your performance in other sports like running, high intensity training, walks.

Breathing is one of the most overlooked topics and can be life transforming by itself. And once proper breathing combines with functional movement, then it is the perfect recipe for endurance, energy, focus and sleep quality.

I am a true believer that we all know our bodies the best and need to revise the poses to meet with our needs and limits of our body. Our bodies speak to us every day and it takes awareness to start that conversation. Yoga practice is a perfect tool for that self discovery and listening ability. I don’t believe naming the level of the classes since it is personal, and my classes are appropriate for all levels of yoga students.

Coming from corporate world, I respect people’ times, and relate to their way of thinking. Making the class interesting, fun and sharing how and whys while keeping it simple are some of the things I spend time to design my classes.

I am here to guide your body at your own speed while developing strength, proper breathing habits, presence, and develop knowledge around teachings and help you to open up your perspective to new experiences and connections.

I teach private breathing classes face to face and online. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I also teach face to face and online yoga private and group classes. In my yoga classes, I emphasize proper breathing with movement.

Please feel free to reach me via email, phone or text or through my Instagram account (see details below)

I also speak Turkish and happy to guide the breathing class in Turkish if English is not your primary choice.