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After 20 years in investment banking and corporate world, I decided to follow my heart to help others to feel better physically and emotionally.

My starting motivation was to heal myself. I have scoliosis (spine curve) by birth, disc degenerations with age, hunched posture with long time desk job. Plus stress with years of high tempo way of living.

I have done yoga over the years but at times hurt myself by not being fully present, properly aligning my body, knowing my exercise boundaries and effectively using my breath.

As I go through my journey in yoga, pilates, breathing trainings/teachings, I have learnt how to break down, revise and cue exercises that is accessible for different levels while improving strength, flexibility mobility and presence over time. In my view, good workout engages mind, body and breath. And that is exactly what I teach in my classes.

Many people think they are not flexible and won’t be good at pilates or yoga. That is the exact reason why it is good to give it a try. It will help to increase your range of motion, release tightness, give the power to heal your imbalances as you strengthen the muscles around injured parts, joints and overall body. This is especially important as we age and loose our bone density.

Our bodies speak to us every day and it takes awareness to connect with it. Allocating the time, being present & discovering your body is the work. You will progress in your own pace in my classes. I offer privates that will be custom for your own level. Also group classes where variations/progressions is to make it to your level.

It is my focus to engage your attention and your breath (as a result your mind), motivate, build foundation,  and create joy in my classes. Sharing how we move, why we do it, how to add on it as you progress, and offer different class every time is what I believe.

Breathing is also one of the most overlooked practices and can be life-transforming by itself. Once proper breathing is combined with functional movement, it is the perfect recipe for endurance, energy, focus, and better sleep quality.

Pilates is a strong tool to develop core strength, balance, control, stability, mobility, and release stiffness in the body. It trains easy and hard to reach muscles over time. Mat, reformer, jumpboard, box, springboard, chair, TRX, bosu make exercises accessible, fun and also challenge body at different levels. They help to meet where you are.

My classes will complement your performance in other sports like; running, tennis, climbing, high-intensity training, walking, other. It also will help you get stronger and mobile with your daily activities and chores.

I am here to guide your body and mind at your own pace while developing strength, control, presence, proper breathing habits, and flexibility.

Let’s have some fun together!!

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