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Hey everyone, my name is Dino Alimanovic. I’m an MMA Fighter, Entrepreneur, ISSA Lifespan Coach, YouTuber, & now a Functional Breathing Instructor! I’m originally from Bosnia/Serbia but living in Tampa, Florida.

I am training people outside and willing to go to a gym for Personal Training (ISSA) / Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Training.

I’ve been an athlete since I was 9 years young & I was truly blessed from God to have such a passion & love for health, fitness, nutrition, & sports etc. Once I stumbled upon Oxygen Advantage on Instagram, I truly fell in love with the methods, especially because it was going to help improve my Sports Performance, Health, Recovery, Mindset, & Physique.

As far as the teaching I’m willing to teach online and in person either way would be awesome! I want my clients to be athletes, fitness enthusiasts, average people, youth, senior, injured, coaches, & mental health advocate/victims that need help & are filled with curiosity. I really want to share these awesome methods and benefits to anybody.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/dino_alimanovic/

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