Dominik Ferens


  • Poland


Dominik Ferens is a Martial Arts and Fitness Instructor, holding a black belt in ITF Taekwon-do. In this discipline, he has repeatedly stood atop the podium at events such as the Polish Championships and the European Championships as a member of the national team.

He is a member of the Aktywizacja Lokalnej Społeczności “TROPEM WILKA” Association and the “POLSKI KLUB ALPEJSKI” Association.

Primarily, Dominik is a certified Buteyko Breathing Method Instructor and an Oxygen Advantage Breathing Instructor.

With a background in Computer Science, he aims to promote online respiratory awareness and reach a wide audience through training and online courses.

He channels excess energy into pursuing his passion for climbing and obstacle course running.

Follow Dominik on social media for more information about collaboration opportunities and his current training offerings.

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