Dominique Somers


  • Belgium
For decades I have used my energy inefficient. Together with a high demanding job as a freelance field engineer I practiced sport intensively. Fitness, strength training, running and a tough job. I always went for the 200%, but without any focus and connection to my breathing. Fatigue and exhaustion seemed to me a logical consequence of a “healthy lifestyle”. However, the result was anxiety disorders and chronic hyperventilation. I couldn’t do anything anymore and was burned out. Then a turning point came. I started with yoga and discovered the Buteyko Method through literature. I started experimenting on myself. Breathing pauses and nasal breathing did their job and gradually I regained energy.

By applying the techniques of Oxygen Advantage® during exercise, I noticed a huge leap forward in my energy efficiency. After a strong workout, I am now relaxed and not exhausted anymore.
Together with “body in mind” training and functional breathing, I want to help now people with stress related breathing disorders, anxiety, asthma and energy problems.

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