Dominique Wouters


  • Netherlands



Hello there! My name is Dominique, and I am a dedicated breath coach and trauma release therapist with a deep passion for the power of breathing. My mission is to guide others on their journey towards a healthier and more resilient life. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience through the means of Oxygen Advantage.

My path into the realm of breath coaching began from my own personal experiences with breath-related issues. Over the years, I explored various breathing techniques, including many trauma-focused methods. While this journey taught me a lot and brought me insights, it didn’t provide the solution to my own breathing challenges. The abundance of different approaches in the world of breath left me feeling lost, as they sometimes contradicted each other. This drove me to keep searching and studying the mechanics of breathing and the human body. My fascination grew with every discovery. When I came across Oxygen Advantage, the final puzzle piece fell into place. I found my path in the world of breath, and due to my diverse education, I can investigate the root causes of issues from various perspectives.

My focus is on offering personalized one-on-one breath training, group breath workshops, and breath training for businesses. Preferably I work face to face, I am located in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. I strongly believe that the information and exercises from Oxygen Advantage are valuable for everyone. My goal is to raise awareness about the power of one’s breath and to guide individuals in fully harnessing their potential.

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