Don Gordon
United States of America


  • United States of America


  • BEND - OR
Don Gordon lives in Bend, Oregon, and provides Oxygen Advantage instructor training in the USA. Being both a competitive athlete and breathing instructor, Don is able to impart expertise from both an experiential and theoretical viewpoint. His clients range from weekend warriors to elite athletes.

Don Gordon provides Oxygen Advantage® instructor training across the United States and has been teaching Oxygen Advantage® techniques to elite, competitive amateur and recreational athletes since 2014.

Don is not only an Oxygen Advantage® practitioner, he is a success story. As a competitive cyclist, he’s achieved many personal records and podium spots by using the techniques taught in the Oxygen Advantage®. Don is well positioned to show athletes the theoretical, practical and event result advantages that can be gained through the Oxygen Advantage®.

Don is a former executive with several global high-tech companies. He is a graduate and fellow at the world’s leading breathing academy, The Buteyko Clinic International. He is based in Bend, Oregon.

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