Doni Clarke
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom



I have been active all my life transitioning from being a professional footballer, cyclist, half Ironman distance to currently focusing on long distance fell running and endurance. Professionally I teach yoga and functional movement at Studio38 in Manchester which I own.

Breath or breathing has been a huge focus for me in the past few years as I’ve tried a few different techniques. It wasn’t until I came across Patrick’s work that one has finally stuck.

I started practicing the OA technique and very shortly saw huge benefits in my life, and in my running. I wear sleep tape every night, do an hours breathing every morning and am now able to do all my running and functional movement practices with 100% nasal breathing.

I offer one-to-ones and group classes to professional athletes and those starting out on their journey alike in order to help them achieve their individual goals. Anyone who wants to transition to nasal breathing should get in touch for an informal consultation.

Instagram: studio38yoga

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