Donna Cennamano
United States of America


  • United States of America



Donna has taught group fitness in Chicago for almost 20 years and is a NASM certified personal trainer and meditation coach. After years of orthodontic treatments and chronic exhaustion, her life and movement practices changed upon reading James Nestor’s book Breath. Realizing the connection between habitual mouth breathing and its impact on her life, Donna soon after attended a Nestor breathwork retreat in Costa Rica where she met the founders of Peak Flow. From there, she set out on two years of study in Peak Flow’s LVL1 and LVL2 breath practitioner training programs. Donna also holds a Functional Breathing certification from Oxygen Advantage and is excited to continue integrating respiratory training in her work as a movement coach and in her weekly sessions on the Peak Flow app.

On-line Breath Coaching Sessions: Peak Flow

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