Dr. Marc Lindart


  • Germany




I am Marc.

I am a certified Functional Breathing Instructor (Oxygen Advantage®) and Breathwork Coach (Restorative Breathing®) working on the foundation of science-based methods. I also love ice bathing / cold water exposure and have completed further training in the Wim Hof Method® (Fundamentals) and other breathwork schools. In addition to my work as a Breathwork Coach, I have been working as a Business Coach for about 15 years.

I am supporting my clients (e. g. leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, athletes) in acquiring the skills to regulate their nervous system and emotions, enabling them to access flow states and high-performance states whenever needed. Additionally, I am providing tools to my clients for transitioning from a state of tension, stress and anxiety to one of relaxation, well-being and concentration.

In breathwork I integrate various methods, Oxygen Advantage® thereby plays a central role.

With my work I combine my passion for personal development with two topics that have moved me as a passionate diver for about 20 years: Breathing and water. Even during my first diving course, the number one rule was: always breathe calmly, easy and relaxed – especially in critical or stressful situations.

In my coaching, however, I observe that many people do exactly the opposite when they are stressed, for example: They breathe shallowly, tensely and irregularly. Instead of freeing themselves from negative patterns through conscious breathing, many people often reinforce the harmful states. This often results in people not being mentally and physically in top shape and not reaching their full potential.

I am convinced that the lives of many people can be significantly improved through targeted breathwork – and, if desired, also through ice baths / cold water exposure. I would like to pass on the positive experiences and diverse insights I have gained along my way.

I am teaching my clients face to face in Münster region and Ruhr area as well as online (worldwide).

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