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Paul is a partner with the Arnprior Chiropractic Health Centre and has been practicing chiropractic since 1996. He uses a broad range of treatment modalities including chiropractic, acupuncture, active release and Functional Movement Systems in combination with Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko breathing instruction to treat injuries and enhance his clients health and performance. Paul treats an active population ranging from recreational athletes and weekend warriors to elite and professional powerlifters, strongman and strongwomen, and NHL hockey players.

Paul certified as an Oxygen Advantage instructor with Patrick McKeown in 2019. He combines functional movement with functional breathing and simulated altitude training to help his clients from all walks of life sleep, heal, rest and recover, and perform to their maximum potential.

Paul would love to meet you and help you to do the same!

Client Testimonials:

“During these turbulent times employers are seeking strategies to help their employees manage stress, stay healthy and maintain peak performance. Having Dr. Sly train your people in the Oxygen Advantage based breathing program will yield an amazing ROI.”  Dr. Denis Cauvier, Best-Selling Author of 15 books

“Understanding and adopting the Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques taught by Dr. Sly have completely empowered me to take back control and management of my own health, mentally and physically.   Reflecting on my 33 years of experience in a national policing organization, breath education has the opportunity to empower the workforce to better manage the stress response, and performance acuity that inherently exist in the roles they play for Canada.” Brenda Deugo-Mills, Director (Retired), Information and Communication Technology Security Program (CISO), Royal Canadian Mounted Police 

“Dr. Sly’s ability to teach functional breathing through his delivery of the Oxygen Advantage program has been invaluable for our coaches and athletes, especially learning to engage the diaphragm and abdominal core to generate power and protect the spine during heavy lifting.” Paul Vaillancourt, Owner Ultimate Fitness Gyms, Strength and Conditioning Coach, 4 time Ontario’s Strongest Man

 “The addition of Oxygen Advantage simulated altitude, repeat sprint ability and functional breathing, as taught by Dr. Sly, to our programs with elite and professional athletes has had a tremendous impact.  We are able to target their VO2 Max without added strain on their muscular and central nervous systems.” Luke Homer, B.Sc., Strength and Conditioning Coach UFGyms, Montreal Canadiens, Proskaters Inc. Canadian National Powerlifting Champion and Record Holder