Dr. Rae L. Riedel
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Dr. Rae has 30+ years of experience in natural medicine. She is a Doctor of Functional Medicine and of Chiropractic. Early in her practice she intuited the inseparable unity of body and mind, psyche and soma, and how breath infuses all of these terrains. Always curious and motivated to learn, she pursued and completed a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, intensively studied presence and nature-based wisdom, and subsequently completed a 2-year training in Hakomi (mindfulness and somatic based psychotherapy) and NARM basics (trauma informed neuroaffective relational model). She is co-Founder of Integrative Breathwork, an international breathwork school training and certifying others in the facilitation of an integrative approach to Conscious Breathwork.

Rae is passionate about the Holistic power of the breath – how it modulates pychoneurophysiologic health and brings humans into a fuller expression of their essential nature, optimizing life’s potential. Through functional breathing and modifying our responses to the habits and trauma residues held in our bodies, we can open to the natural expression of feeling connected to ourselves and to others – the hallmark of an authentic and healthy life!

Dr. Rae is deeply committed to her own continued learning in this rich unfolding field of embodiment work, in which Oxygen Advantage® plays a foundational role. She weaves wisdom teachings, modern science, developmental psychology, Breath and years of clinical experience into her integrative work with clients.

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