Dr. Steve Piper


  • Canada



As an evidence-based chiropractor, I have always been a forward-thinking human body mechanic. I have 12 years of education and use a hands-on approach to treatment and therapy. First and foremost, any good chiropractor should help you move better and for your entire life. Including your breath.

I believe in a move first mentality as a way of life: we are born to move and sometimes pain and dysfunction present challenges. This is where I can help. Let my movement-based approach and past post secondary education be your first line of defence. I started seeing a lot of patients with paradoxical breathing patterns, high respiratory rates and more over not responding to traditional chiropractic care. I began continuing education courses on breathing. To date I have utilized Buteyko, Oxygen Advantage and Wim Hof method breathing techniques. These are extremely helpful in my practice. My patients range from weekend warriors, high level athletes to seniors struggling with respiratory ailments.

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