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Dr Todd has practiced Comprehensive Rehabilitative dentistry for over 30 years. He has completed a Masters in Regenerative Medicine, a specialty that deals with the healing and regeneration of the body’s organs and cells. Dr Todd now combines his knowledge of Dentistry and Regenerative Medicine with the scientifically proven breathing techniques of The Oxygen Advantage® – a new paradigm in Athletic and Sports Performance Training – to provide the most comprehensive and advanced program to improve recreational athletes and professional elite athletes’ sports performance. Dr Todd is keenly interested in training recreational and elite professional athletes to maximize their individual performance. It is not uncommon for an athlete to “hit a wall” in their performance and wonder is there anything else I can do? The Oxygen Advantage® addresses this question. Whether it is a desire to improve personal performance; the degradation of performance due to injury; or increasing the sports performance of a team; the Oxygen Advantage® can help.

Dr Todd has always had an interest in athletics and sports. In high school he played football and basketball and ran track. He has been elected into the Henderson County Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame. He attended the University of Louisville on a full track scholarship where he specialized in the 440 Sprint. He set the school record in this event.

The Oxygen Advantage® is now an integral part of Dr Todd’s Practice, Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist/ Oxygen Advantage®.

Dr Todd is one of first Certified Oxygen Advantage® instructors in the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.

Dr Steven E Todd DMD,MaS
Regenerative Medicine
316 S McKenzie St
Suite 171
Foley Alabama 36535

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