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I was first properly introduced to conscious breathing or breathwork during my teenage years and more specifically, from one of my coaches whilst playing high-level football/ soccer in the UK.

Breathwork allowed my mind to be free and focus on the game. It allowed me to be totally present and forget all my worries off the pitch.

From this moment onwards, I was hooked on the power breathwork had on me.

I would literally be so nervous and about to start a big game. Then return my focus back to the breath, melting my nervous energy in the moment.

I knew there was more to this and other ways breathwork could enhance my life outside of the football pitch.

This is where I discovered how I could use breathwork to help manage my stress and anxiety, help me sleep better, and really improve my athletic performance.

I have been aware of breathwork since my early teens but the last 5 years have been a real life changer for me.

I have been practicing breathwork for over 5 years now and following the completion of the Oxygen Advantage Functional Breath Coach Instructor Training, I look forward to teaching individuals how to use breathwork to substantially enhance their life.

I created BreathingByEd with one goal in mind. To help transform over one million lives through the power of breathwork.

Every Sunday morning, I share my explorations and research into breathwork and how the breath connects to other areas of our daily life from motivation, anxiety, and stress management in The Breath Letter.

I intend to share my breathwork knowledge in both a 1-1 coaching and online breathwork library membership capacity.

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