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  • France



I’ve been teaching Cheng Hsin (Art of Effortless Power and Consciousness Work), Yoga, TaiJiQuan, and Qi Gong for over 20 years. I’m based in Alsace, the northeast of France. I have weekly classes at my studio in Mulhouse. I also teach weekend workshops at home & abroad. Due to Covid 19, when teaching face to face is no longer possible, I’ve learned to teach via Skype & Zoom during lockdowns.

I’ve always been very interested in breath work because I never felt that I had functional breathing. I’ve been a mouth breather since childhood, I remember my sister complaining whenever I sat next to her, she said that I breathed too loudly. I’d always been aware that I was breathing with my mouth, but I didn’t know of any other way, with my nose stuffed up year round, it was my only way to breathe. I’d consulted many allergy & ENT specialists, they didn’t change my condition. One ENT specialist said that my sinuses are too small so he burned them, another said that I needed an operation because my nose was crooked. The positive results from these remedies didn’t last very long because nobody told me to breath thru my nose from there on. Soon after these interventions, I went back to mouth breathing.

Until last month I was convinced I was a lost cause, it was a life changer when I encountered the book ”Breath” by James Nestor. With further research, I found Patrick Mckeown and the Oxygen Advantage, I bought and read the book within the week. I started taping my mouth during sleep, jogging with my mouth closed and doing small breath holds. By the 2nd day, I was able to keep the tape on my mouth thru the night, and jog for an hour with my mouth closed. It was like a miracle.

After a month of further investigation and analysis, I’ve decided to take the next step by signing up for the Oxygen Advantage functional breathing training course. I have been spreading awareness of these techniques to my family members, friends & students and I would like to continue.

I agree that we do not talk enough about breathing. What breathing techniques to do is not as important as ”how” to do them, ”how ” we breathe. All these years I’ve been trying to find a functional effortless body & the missing link was an effortless functional breath.

Oxygens Advantages breathing techniques are easy to learn and easy to apply to our daily lives while doing our normal activities. I’m experiencing countless benefits as time goes.

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