Emer O Brien


  • Ireland


I am a Pilates instructor and running technique coach based in Kilkenny, Ireland. In 2017 I trained as a Chi Running coach to help the runners to move more efficiently, reduce the risk of injury and compete successfully. In 2020 I trained with The Movement & Running School to give me a deeper insight into running biomechanics and functional movement.

Pilates practice and running technique coaching are a perfect combination to help runners move well but I had limited knowledge on breathing technique for sport and everyday life.

I read the Oxygen Advantage in 2018 and I knew it was the missing link to bring my coaching to the next level.
I work with runners and team sports players of all levels and very often I am asked ‘how can I run better?’ and the next question is usually ‘how can I breathe better?’

Becoming an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor means I can now offer the whole package of movement and breathing to ensure the foundations are set to reach your full potential in your given sport or in your daily life.

Online I offer one to one or group sessions via Zoom. In-person I am based in south Kilkenny for one to one or group sessions. I am also available to travel for group, club, team or corporate training sessions anywhere in Ireland.

These sessions can be stand-alone Oxygen Advantage training suitable for anyone who wants to retrain your breathing to improve your health and well being, or blended with Chi Running coaching and sport specific Pilates for improved sports performance.

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