Emily Rogers


  • Australia


Hi I’m Emily, I’m a Personal trainer, Yoga teacher and mat pilates instructor based in Sydney Australia. Originally from the UK, I first became interested in breath work through the yoga pranayama practice after completing my Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga training in 2014. I have been training clients and teaching group classes for the past 7 years and throughout this time was introduced into Oxygen Advantage through fellow trainers. Through continued study and building interest in functional breathing I jumped at the opportunity to become an advanced instructor with Oxygen Advantage. I continue to educate my existing clients and weave this profound knowledge into group classes and specialised workshops.

I work with a broad range of clients from young professionals in their 20’s, new mums and those nearing retirement. I thrive off helping people and have found all of my clients just need to slow down and learn how to harness the incredible power of their breath, not only in the yoga studio or during athletic training but on a consistent daily basis. I help clients to use different OA and yogic tools and principles to reduce anxiety, the onset of panic disorders and daily chronic stress. I am constantly learning and have a particular interest in women’s health, after completing various pre and post natal movement trainings.

I am currently taking clients in person but am always open to chatting about how I can help you from afar.

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