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I have been a certified trainer for over 10 years and now have shifted my focus in breath work and helping others change their health by understanding their breath. I have a multitude of credentials and am a Licensed massage therapist, along with building out a program for post-concussion clients. I utilize hands on skills, breath work and neurological activations for my clients to regain homeostasis. At the gym we also utilize hot and cold therapy to help with recovery.

Previously I played college ice hockey and soccer, and currently I enjoy snowboarding, jiu jitsu, football and hiking, I believe that when you stay in motion you never can be stopped. I aim to help everyone to reestablish a good health routine and understanding of what and why they do the things they do in terms of breathing and movement. We offer both in person and virtual sessions at Move Wysely. With my background with having breathing issues and concussions I feel I can most help my clients as I truly understand the struggles they go through.

We are located in Buffalo, New York
We currently offer: Breath work coaching utilizing the oxygen advantage, group training, Private training and finally human potential post-concussion sessions.
Below are some of my credentials.

Masters degree in health and human performance along with her massage license. 

Certifications include: 
Stott Pilates Mat, Reformer and Barre
MAT Jumpstart

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