Emma Levy


  • Scotland



In my work as a swim coach and movement coach, functional breathing is a key skill for all my clients, whether they are swimming or taking part in other sports for recreation or performance, or aiming to improve the quality of their day to day activities and enjoy doing the things they love most.

As an Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor I offer one to one breathing coaching to adults as well as younger age group swimmers, in Edinburgh and online.

Many swimmers say that breathing is their biggest concern, often including breathlessness during the first couple of minutes of a swim. While integration of breathing will often become easier with improvements to stroke technique, these changes alone are rarely sufficient. How you breathe at rest determines how you will breathe during physical exercise, so land-based breathing exercises are essential to develop your respiratory system to support you to achieve your goals in swimming or other sports.

If you are a swimmer, I will guide you to integrate your improved respiratory health into your swimming, whether you want to build your water confidence, delay the onset of breathlessness and fatigue so your recreational swim is more enjoyable, or achieve specific performance goals in the pool or open water.

Developing skills and knowledge as an Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor has been personally transformational for me. I have lived with asthma from early childhood, and saw the quality of life of family members diminished by it. Applying the tools of Oxygen Advantage, myself I have gained new insights into specific features of my own breathing problems, and am excited to share with others tools and techniques that can alleviate similar respiratory problems as well as other aspects of physical and mental health.

When you change processes in your life it is always important that you understand how those changes impact on achieving your goals. As a qualified Improvement Advisor (trained by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement), I can help you to use data from your breathing tests and exercises, as well as your chosen day to day activities, to make the most of the changes to your respiratory health that you experience from Oxygen Advantage®.

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