Eran Laish PhD


  • Israel

I am a meditation and qigong teacher (Wingate Institute), a Buteyko instructor (certified by Patrick McKeown), as well as a HeartMath coach/mentor and a group leader (Kibbutzim College).

For more than a decade I was also an academic scholar in the fields of Comparative Religion and Buddhist Studies at the Hebrew University and other institutes. I’ve written about non-dual traditions and the ways through which we can bring spaciousness, stillness and clarity into day-to-day life.

Based on all these interests I cultivate an integrative approach to well-being that brings together movement, breath, attention, heartfulness and open awareness. This approach facilitates a well-rounded cultivation of essential skills for optimal living, including focus, resilience and compassion.

I offer (online) individual and group sessions, which integrate breathwork, conscious movement and meditative practices in order to facilitate integral healing processes. The sessions are well suited for various contexts; physical, emotional and cognitive, including anxiety, tension and sleep issues.

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