Erin Gulersen


  • Spain


Hey everyone, I’m Erin Gulersen, and I’m so happy to connect with you! My journey has taken me from the active streets of Istanbul to the courts of Canada and the US, where I chased my dreams as a professional basketball player. But beyond the game, I found a profound passion for spirituality, shaped by the teachings of my mother and my own personal experiences.

Life threw me some curveballs, including two lung surgeries, which challenged me in ways I never imagined. But through these challenges, I discovered the incredible power of breathwork. It became my anchor, helping me heal and find inner strength.

Now, as a certified Oxygen Advantage® instructor, I’m excited to share this transformative practice with you. Whether you join me online via Zoom or in person in beautiful Barcelona, my goal is to empower athletes like you to unlock your full potential.

Drawing from my background as a former professional athlete, I understand the unique needs and aspirations of those striving for greatness in their sport. Let’s embark on this journey together, harnessing the power of breath to elevate your performance, focus, and well-being.

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