Eva Petkoff


  • UAE


With a deep interest in human movement and a strong desire to treat individuals to ease pain, enhance their mobility, strength, functionality, breathing patterns, improving this way their quality of life. I have a dream of transformation and progress on the fitness and health industry. Aiming to create a profound connection between individuals and their bodies and minds, the community and the planet we all live in.

Nurturing self-knowledge and self-love in society, I aspire to create a spark of empathy and love that will go into our collective consciousness, leading us toward a more compassionate and harmonious world.

As an Oxygen Advantage Instructor, I am driven to share the invaluable principles of optimized breathing and holistic well-being. My aim is to empower individuals to not only breathe better but also to live better. Join the transformative path towards better breathing, better living, and a better world.

I teach in Dubai and Tenerife. Online sessions if required

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