Faisal Tabusalla


  • Philippines



Coach Fai is a dedicated fitness industry professional with demonstrated strengths in innovation, collaboration, and time management. A former collegiate track and field athlete and national record holder in the sport of powerlifting, Fai has committed to a life of mindful movement after experiencing multiple bodily pains and injuries. He is now a movement instructor, certified personal trainer, and certified group exercise instructor. As an Animal Flow Regional Leader and Rope Flow Coach, Fai is passionate about movement exploration and discovering the human mind-body potential through flow-based movement practices as well as ground-based movements. He specializes in Rope Flow, Animal Flow, bodyweight mobility, kettlebell, resistance training, and functional movement.

Coach Fai came to integrate OA into his methods because of his newfound love for running. Using OA methods in his running, exercise, and movement regimen, Coach Fai has realized the importance of functional breathing in relation to functional movement and is determined to continue practicing and sharing these principles to everyone around him. 

I teach in Manila, Philippines.
I teach both online and face to face.
I typically like to work with athletes but I also enjoy sharing my practices and coaching all levels of fitness and people coming from all backgrounds.

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