Fedor von Balluseck


  • Netherlands


Nice to meet you in this digital format – and let’s see if we can work together.
While coaching individuals and teams and increasing my understanding of myself in the process I realized my balance shifted towards a more (neuro-) physiological approach from one focused mostly on cognitive and emotional components.

Understanding the profound consequences of breathing and the nervous system has been an essential part of that. Next to that I truly enjoy a diversity of sports and understanding the Oxygen Advantage has greatly helped me change and improve my training methods. Overall, this helps me to become more fit, more relaxed and happier – something which I love sharing with my clients.

I work in The Netherlands in the Haarlem/Amsterdam area focusing on Executive-, Life-Coaching and Team development with a passion for purpose and strategy. Next to that I train & lecture on these topics. Please reach out & looking forward to working together!

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