Felipe Denari


  • Australia



My name is Felipe, originally from Brazil and I have been living in Australia since 2015.

My biggest passion is surfing and I also love freediving, ocean swimming, paddle boarding, ice baths and much more.

I am a certified Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer.

  • Apnea and Breathwork Instructor.
  • Holistic Pro Health – Surf Movement Coach

I mostly work with surfers and water sports people in Sydney, however, I am open to work with anyone that is looking to improve their quality of life and performance through breathing and physical exercise.

I run weekly private and semi-private pool apnoea training in the Northern Beaches in Sydney.

I have been following Patrick`s work for such a long time and I finally had the chance to become a certified Instructor.

I want to share the breathing benefits to as many people as possible because it has the power to change people`s life forever.

I apply the OA method in group classes and private sessions as well.

Working with professional and amateur surfers and teaching them how to create the connection between mind and body through breathing so they connect with the ocean with every cell of their body and improve their performance in the sport.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone and put in the hard work for a change!

Available online and face to face.

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