Fernando Jibaja Chávez
Germany, Latin America


  • Germany
  • Latin America

My name is Fernando Jibaja, I studied Psychology in the best university in Perú (PUCP). Afterward, I went to The Netherlands to study a Master of Science in Pedagogical Sciences. During this Master, I did my thesis in the Behavioural Science Institute from Radboud University. The variables that I studied where diaphragmatic breathing, interoceptive awareness, and mindfulness in students with high levels of anxiety. Since then, I got in love with the breath. Therefore, I continued reading and learning about this topic.

Today, I have developed an 8- week breathwork program called AWAKE. During this program, I introduced the teachings from the Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Level I Certification and more: the importance of a good assessment, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide, BOLT measurement, nose breathing, LSD breath, and a slow-paced breathing (5:5, 4:6).

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