Fini Cooper
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


With a background in psychology and organisational psychology, Fini trained to become a breathwork coach following a powerful first experience of the practise in Bali. From there, she worked with Transformational Breath, then completed a certification with the great teacher Alan Dolan, and went on to train with Oxygen Advantage.

Fini is so passionate about breathwork because it transformed her life, enabling her to heal from childhood trauma, and regulate her nervous system.

At Fini’s company, The Breath Way, she uses conscious connected breathing for deeper dives into emotional release and integration, and also teaches functional techniques for optimum breathing. She’s a great believer in coinciding deeper work with everyday state-enhancing techniques for clients to take away to help induce sleep, reduce anxiety etc.

Her passion is to help people optimise their physical and mental health, enabling them to find more clarity, connection, peace and joy in their lives.

Fini is based in London, and works with clients on a one-to-one or group basis, either in-person or online.

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