Flemming Weyers


  • Switzerland



My name is Flemming and I am currently living and teaching in Zurich.

What I teach:

I am a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor based in Zurich. My background is in Martial Arts (MMA), and I am a YTT certified Yoga Teacher, and a movement practitioner. I am not only looking to coach athletes and recreational athletes, yet also businesspeople who look to improve their focus and resilience.  I am using OA to work on overall performance and focus in sporting groups or high-performance individuals in good health, online or in person. The methods can easily be integrated in existing training regimes or in separate sessions. My teaching area is Zurich + 100km of radius. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via Email or shoot me message on Instagram. I am looking forward to working with you.

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