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Flip Shelton is an Oxygen Advantage ™ Instructor, qualified yoga and meditation teacher, author of three cookbooks, broadcaster, muesli maker, organic garlic farmer… and mum.


Flip has been a keen yoga student for over two decades and has completed the 350-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and an 80-Hour Meditation Teacher Training at the Australian Yoga Academy; 50-Hour Pranayama Teacher Training with Dominque Salerno; 50-Hour Yin Yoga and Functional Anatomy training with Karina Smith; and Mindful Breath and Movement for Children and Youth Teacher Training by Beata Heymann.

It was through her Pranayama Teacher Training that Flip was introduced to the book “Breath” by James Nestor and “The Oxygen Advantage” by Patrick McKeown so when Patrick visited Australia in November 2023 it was an opportunity not to be missed to complete the OA Instructors Training face to face with Patrick.

Flip lives in Melbourne and teaches yoga, yin yoga, pranayama and the Oxygen Advantage to individuals, small groups, corporates, schools and sports groups. She creates bespoke programs to suit the individuals or groups needs and desired outcomes.

Flip is a passionate foodie and it was whilst training for various Ironman Events (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run) that she created a delicious and nutritious range of muesli and porridge to satisfy her triathlete friends’ nutritional and energetic needs – some with very specific needs including those that needed to eat nut-free and gluten-free products.

Flip has had three cookbooks published including ‘Green’, ‘Veg In’ and ‘Smart Snacks – 100 + quick and delicious snacks to survive the school years’, which she co-wrote with leading child psychologist, Michael Carr-Gregg. Along the way, she has written six children’s books and countless articles for a variety of newspapers and magazines.

You can hear her talking about food and fitness on Melbourne’s radio station 3AW.

In her spare time, Flip reads and assists her husband with his artisan organic garlic crop in North Eastern Victoria.

Websites: www.flowwithflip.com.au | www.flipsmuesli.com.au
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flipsmuesli/

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