Florian Kreisl


  • Austria


My name is Florian Kreisl, I am currently working in a micro fitness studio in Vienna, Austria. I am offering Personal training, Electric Muscle Stimulation training, and High-Intensity Training.
The most time of my life, it was not easy for me to calm down my mind and enjoy the presence. I tried in the last years a lot of methods to relax my mind and for personal growth like the Wim Hof method, different meditation forms, hypnosis, Qi Gong, Taiji.

Then I found the Oxygen Advantage method and it was the missing link, because of its scientific approach and effectiveness. I feel calmer, more relaxed and my sports performance improved since I integrated the Oxygen Advantage method in my daily life.

In these times most humans are distracted from their selfs through media, work, stress, mind chatter. Right breathing is a simple method to bring the attention back to you and find some moments of healing stillness.

My intention is to help people to take responsibility of their life and especially their health. Right breathing is an essential part of good health. I would like to support people on the journey to be more relaxed, sleep better, have more energy, concentration, and to improve their sports performance. If you feel resonance with my words, I would be very happy, if you contact me.

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