Frank Hartmann
Germany, Namibia


  • Germany
  • Namibia



Frank is a breathing and flexibility coach based in Hamburg and his second home, Namibia.

Coming from a high-performance background (passionate scuba-diver, trained army paratrooper and world-class shooting expert, young fencing champion and ex karateka) Frank was always aware that controlled breathing is a key component in sports and elite trainings.

In 2016 he was bitten by a potentially deadly cobra in the middle of the night in the African bush. Panic would have been the normal reaction in this near-death situation, but controlled conscious breathing helped him to manage this high stress situation, to slow down his heart rate and stay focused on the long way to a hospital.

After having survived this critical incident, conscious controlled breathing has become his new adventure – and he would like to make breathwork accessible for a wider audience. “We all are facing a multitude of challenges in our everyday life – and breathwork offers such a fascinating toolbox for everyone, from anxiety control to performance improvement – and I am thrilled by teaching people the how to and take them on their personal breath journey!”

In 2021 Frank founded BreathQ®, an international collaboration of certified breath coaches, and he is driven by passing his breathwork knowledge on to others, to experience the many benefits of better breathing.

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