Fulvia Garini


  • Israel


Oxygen Advantage really changed my understanding of breath and transformed my breath habits.

I have been a “bad breather” since my childhood – suffering from asthma, low energy, poor health and brain fog. I understand the struggles of not being able to catch your next breath and experiencing the associated negative health effects.

After starting to practice different forms of breathwork and seeing profound improvements in my health, I took a deep dive into breathwork to learn as much as possible about the science and techniques in order to pass these benefits on to as many people as possible.

As a full time performing circus artist, breath has been key in maintaining my health and energy and being able to give 100% every time I show up.

I am particularly passionate about helping those in the performing arts and sports, women and people suffering from breathing difficulties.

I love leading an active healthy lifestyle and want to enable my clients to get the best out of their life by experiencing better health and more energy to do the things that light them up!

I am a dedicated practitioner of Oxygen Advantage, Wim Hof Method and yoga. I am also certified as a Pranayama instructor, Women’s Holistic Health Coach and Transformational Life Coach.

I offer 1 on 1 sessions, personal coaching specifically tailored to your goals and needs and small group sessions including breath and movement for seniors in person or via Zoom.

I welcome you to get in touch for a free consultation if you want to explore how transforming your breath habits can significantly benefit your health and help you achieve peak performance. Where do you want your breath to take you?

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