Gabriel Cournoyer


  • Canada


From playing team sports throughout my teenage years to redirecting myself into yoga and meditation in my early twenties while now working as a fireman for more than 10 years, my interests range from sports & performance to inner work, stress response & radical health.

I always love to find new ways to access that little edge, that new level of vitality and well-being, from meditation retreats to cold baths, fasts and lifting weights down to the psychological work. Meditation was always of special interest to me because of the connection it makes between my two greatest passions (the mind and the body), but I always felt that this practice was hard to teach and share with others.

On the other hand, breathwork has been a true revelation as it affects everyone, from yogis to athletes up to emergency workers because we all share the need to breathe. The practice is grounded and methodical which makes it accessible to all, but the real beauty of it, is that as much as it can act as a physical healer and performance enhancer, it is also a gate to the inner world, a step into the discovery of what goes on inside.

You can find me in Montreal for private sessions (I teach in French, English, Spanish & Portuguese).

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