Gail Sonnesyn
United States of America


  • United States of America


Gail is the founder of Indigo Breath and Wellness, Inc. in Denver, Colorado. Her passion is to help others release old patterns so that they can live fulfilling and vibrant lives. She has reinvented herself several times, with her motto being “Show Up For Life” and her guiding principles being GROWTH, SERVICE, LOVE, WISDOM.

During her twenty-year career as a school educator, Gail happened upon breathwork and was fascinated by its healing powers. Being the survivor of a rare blood disease as well as a life-long athlete, she wanted to improve her mental and physical performance and help others as well. She eventually left her career to become certified in the Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System and then as a functional breathing coach with Oxygen Advantage.

Along with being a mother of twins, Gail especially loves being active outdoors, preferably in the mountains.

She offers 1:1 and group sessions both online and in person. She also leads workshops and loves collaborating with other facilitators for multi-day events. In addition to functional breathing coaching and facilitating trauma release sessions, Gail works with clients on general wellbeing, reconnecting with their physical bodies, anxiety relief, medical challenges for patients and caregivers, divorce recovery, and more. She’s ready to help you fully “Show Up for Life” too!


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