Gareth Edwards
New Zealand


  • New Zealand


Gareth has been helping people in strength and performance for over 10 years as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach in Auckland New Zealand, his adoptive home.

Gareth has competed at a high level across many sports as well as being the only person to flip a 93kg/205lb tractor tyre for 24 hours, raising money and awareness around men’s mental health in NZ and globally.

His clients range from top level athletes from Commonwealth boxing representatives, professional boxers, professional rugby players and basketball players. He also consults as a mentor to many school and community groups growing the awareness of proper functional breathing techniques

He also works with people with a wide range of requirements including weight management, pre/rehabilitation of injury, anxiety, pain management and all round health and well-being, something the Oxygen Advantage is an integral part of

As a keen entrepreneur Gareth founded The Dark Heart Grooming Co 3 years ago selling small batch created organic men’s skincare using the best ingredients NZ has to offer, he is also a passionate home cook who is just as comfortable in the kitchen as he is in the weight room.

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