Gary Ling
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


As a professional Sports Therapist Gary Ling is based in Essex and works with many National level amateur athletes, recreational gym goers, and professional Athletes. Before becoming a Therapist Gary spent 5 years serving in the Royal Navy. Gary has a background in competitive football and boxing and was once an Essex ABA boxing champion. He now spends his spare time dancing salsa around a dance floor or more likely on the water, sailing. Gary has, and does work with a commonwealth games athlete, a past world snooker champion and spent 10 years as head physio at non league and professional football clubs. Gary combines physical therapy techniques with respiratory training.

“Since becoming a certified Oxygen Advantage® instructor and realising what can be achieved once our respiratory fitness/health levels are improved upon I have seen incredible increases in performance levels of both amateur and professional athletes alike. It is very clear that for most people the respiratory system is their weakest link and improving that aspect of peoples health/fitness creates significant changes and improvement to both health and performance levels”.

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